Complaint Tracking

To meet Federal Regulations, a record of the formal student complaint and its disposition will be maintained in the office handling the complaint. All formal written student complaints received by Deans (including Dean of Students), Senior Vice Presidents, or the President will be tracked. Items to be collected include: date complaint received, student name, student Net-ID, a brief description of complaint, a summary of action taken by the receiving office, resolution/outcome, date review completed, and notations of any changes to university policy, practice, etc. resulting from the complaint.

The Senior Vice President for Student Affairs (SVPSA) office (or its designee) will annually collect information from the other offices and compile an Annual Institutional Summary of Student Complaints. The SVPSA office will also conduct a review of the data to identify any trends/issues that warrant further investigation, revision to existing policies, etc. Information on these issues shall be shared with the appropriate university office(s) for action. 

The information tracked will be made available to regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies, including the Higher Learning Commission as required in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.